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Online credit card payment: We accept Visa and MasterCard. You must pay at the time of reservation. Fares and taxes are quoted and charged in BGN. Credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard may be used for reservations.
We do not collect and store card details. Credit Card information is not approachable by VisitBulgaria.NET or Silky Holidays Ltd.

Bank Transfer: You can complete the payment for your reservation by bank transfer. Please note that usually bank transfers may take a few days, so you have to complete the payment at least 5 working days before the date of your accommodation. Please note that you have to cover all the charges for the bank transfer and please notify us after transfering the amount!

* The reservation details provided by your booking agent are based on the availability for a certain period. If you decide to proceed with the payment after a period longer than the one pointed in your “booking information letter”, please contact us again to check if the requested services are still the available.

Privacy policy
• We collect personal data such as full name and contact information (phone number, e-mail and street addresses), is provided voluntarily by the client. This information is collected when the client makes and modifies an on-line reservation, through www.VisitBulgaria.NET. The information collected is used to confirm and process the reservation, to prepare an invoice, and to send a reservation confirmation e-mail.
• We are committed to protecting the information we collect and not to disclose the data received to third parties, except for the purpose of completing your transaction, providing booking services to you and obtaining professional advice, in order to prevent misuse.
• We may use your information to contact you regarding your holiday booking. We may contact you for feedback or to provide details of other products and offers from VisitBulgaria.NET.