Charter flights

Unfortunately, there are no charter flight offers at the moment.

The biggest low-cost company in Europe is Ireland's Ryanair, with headquarters in Dublin. Founded in year 1985, the company is the first airline offering low-cost flights and currently serves 165 domestic and international destinations in Europe and worldwide. Its fleet consists of over 250 airplanes of the type Boeing.

According to the baggage requirements of Ryanair, passengers can bring hand baggage up to 10 kg, measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm, while the restrictions for the registered luggage are for up to 32 kg.

Ryanair is experiencing a period of stable growth in the recent years, thanks to its good strategy - namely, the planes of the airline company fly to smaller and remote airports that are connected by bus and rail transport to the main cities. Furthermore, during the flights are being made advertising and sale of various goods, food, drinks, etc.