Moscow Sheremetyevo

JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport (JSC SIA) is one of the biggest Russian airports in terms of regular international traffic. In 2009, the airport offered its services to 14,764,000 air passengers, and hosted 159,896 aircraft takeoffs and landings.

Sheremetyevo serves as the headquarters for the Aeroflot Russian Airlines, the Russian biggest air carrier. Our services are used by the three major global air alliances: Sky Team, Star Alliance and Oneworld. Sheremetyevo cooperates as well with the leading airlines of CIS countries and the Baltic states.

By 2015, Sheremetyevo expects to increase passenger traffic to 35 mln people and become the best air hub in Europe in terms of customer service. Non-aviation revenues (from retail sales, lease of sales space, etc.) are expected to increase to 60%. To achieve the established tasks, a master plan for the airport development through year 2030 was developed in cooperation with Scott Wilson Ltd. This plan assumes the establishment of a second flight zone with a third runway.

The second runway opened in 2008 after reconstruction. The 3,700-meter runway is intended for aircrafts of all types, including the Airbus 380.

The Airport continuously increases its throughput capacity. The new Terminal C is capable to accommodate 5 mln passengers annually. The international Terminal D rated for 9 mln passengers annually is at the commissioning stage as well. Also, a massive reconstruction of the Terminal F rated for 9 mln passengers annually is underway. In 2009, the sterile area of the integrated airport facilities expanded by 4,000 square meters, and now the passengers can move across the entire clear area freely immediately before boarding.

The new Terminal E, which was completed in December 2009, shall welcome the first passengers in March 2010. In 2010, the newly renovated Terminal F shall be integrated with the Terminal E and Terminal D into a single Southern Integrated Airport Facility (IAF) with a total throughput capacity of some 25 mln passengers per year, which shall allow even redistribution of the passenger flow between the three terminals, fast and smooth transfers from/to domestic and international flights, and simplify border control and customs formalities.

The Sheremetyevo-1 IAF shall soon undergo modernization to become a part of the Northern Terminal Section, which will join together the Terminals A (a terminal for business air traffic), B (a terminal for low-cost carriers), and C.

In 2009, Sheremetyevo introduced a state-of-the-art Baggage Handling System. The new system will help integrate baggage flows and make connecting flights easier in scope of an integrated security system.

Construction of a multimodal freight terminal of 10.000 sq.m. is scheduled for 2010 in the zone of the Northern IAF. The new terminal shall employ best international practices for cargo handling.

With the use of private investments, the airport implemented several important projects, including the launch of a direct railroad connection between Moscow and Sheremetyevo. The Aeroexpress leaves from the Belorussky Railway Station and reaches the airport from the Moscow city center in just 35 minutes.

Leningradskoe Shosse, a major thoroughfare to the airport, is currently under reconstruction. It is planned that a stoplight-free ride from the center of Moscow, the Red Square, to the airport will take just 30 minutes. A high-speed paid highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the construction of which is scheduled to begin in 2010, shall have a special exit to the Sheremetyevo Airport.

Latitude 59
Longitude 30
Full name Moscow Sheremetyevo
Alternative names International Airport Sheremetyevo
Phone (+7 495) 232-65-65
Fax (+7 495) 232-65-48