Located approximately15 kms away from the center of Novosibirsk is to be found the International Airport "Tolmachevo" (IATA code OVB). It serves regular flights to most big cities in Russia and to many countries in Europe and Asia. In addition, the airport serves as a basis for fuel filling for the cargo planes and is thus connecting Europe with East Asia. The International Airport "Tolmachevo" has two runways and four terminals, two of which being passenger terminals, one cargo terminal and one VIP terminal. The services and amenities offered to the passengers include restaurants and cafes, shops, ATMs, room for mothers with children, internet, etc. There is also a VIP terminal with comfortable waiting rooms with a choice of newspapers and television programs, a few showers, a bar and a dining room. The airport can be reached by taxis and buses that make the connection with the central railway station of the city.

Latitude 0
Longitude 0
Full name Novosibirsk
Alternative names International Airport "Tolmachevo"
Address 633104, Новосибирская область, город Обь-4, аэропорт Толмачево, Россия
Phone +7 383 216-92-30
Fax +7 383 216-91-69
Owner Open Joint Stock Company