Tokyo Haneda

The "Haneda" Airport is the International Airport of Tokyo (IATA code HND) and is one of the major airports serving the area of the city. It is among the busiest airports in Asia and the world and covers a large part of domestic flights and charter flights to Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The airport serves as a main base of the Japanese airlines "Japan Airlines" and "All Nippon Airways", as well as of the budget airlines "Hokkaido International Airlines" and "Skymark Airlines". The airport has three terminals. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are connected with a walkway, while the international Terminal 3 is connected with a free bus. In addition, there is a VIP terminal, which is used by the authorities of other countries who visit Japan. The International Airport of Tokyo can be reached by regular train and monorail, bus and car.


Latitude 35
Longitude 139
Full name Tokyo Haneda
Alternative names International Airport "Haneda"
Address PO Box 80, Narita-Shi, Chiba 282-8601, Japan
Phone +81 (0)476 32-6410, +81 (0)476 32-6422
Fax +81 (0)476 34-5037, +81 (0)476 30-1561
Owner Tokyo Aviation Bureau